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SPEAK: Strategic techniques and intuitive fundamentals for speaking, facilitating and presenting your work. 

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Hi, my name is Kate Bergstrom. As a professional theatre director and purpose-driven social business leader, effective public speaking has always been an essential part of my work. Having studied with such powerhouse communications professionals as Barbara Tannenbaum and Thom Jones, I'm fortunate that my academic education provided me with the tools I needed to speak effectively. 

Unfortunately, many brilliant people are not provided with these tools - they don't know what they need, let alone where to find it. Without the right tools, incredible work can drown in anxiety or upspeak, or be lost in an ineffective presentation. Without the right tools, incredible people go underappreciated and undervalued. 

That's where I come in. I work on a sliding scale so that everyone, no matter their circumstance, can get the guidance they need to be a more powerful and confident speaker. Using concrete tools like the four I's, WIIFM, and The Apology Flip, I can help you become the speaker that you and your work deserves. 


Hate standing up in front of a room? Tired of "winging it"? Paralyzed by fear and anxiety?


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— Peerada Meemalayath, Small Business Owner

“KATE ROCKS!! I was worried about how to navigate conversations with EDI training participants but now I know how to respond and engage with them. I feel like everything I learned with Kate also applies to how communicate with other people on the daily. ”


— Riley Berris, High School Teacher LAUSD

“Kate is very articulate and to the point. She engages with her trainees and has a clear objective and process. I learned specific techniques and felt engaged and seen the entire training.”

 I worked with Kate to improve the delivery of my job talk for academic interviews. From all the public speaking workshops I attended before, I knew I had distracting vocal patterns, but I didn't know how to fix them. Kate took a hands-on approach where I repeated sections with her until we found the body language and vocalization where my message came though clearly. As a result, I projected more confidence and had a more engaging presence during the actual job talks.


-Dr. Jamie Hansen-Lewis

Economics Professor at UC Davis

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